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Joint Bars / Comp Bars

What do you think of when someone asks you about a ” joint bar”? If you are thinking of a place where biker gangs go to play pool…you are way off! In the rail context we are thinking of the…

Track work

The first step was to clear the trees, wow we worked fast! This is where the “J lead” curves off. This is so different that it is almost not recognizable. This is the aria we now call “Death Valley”

The ETR Blog

Why is the East Terminal Railway story so compelling? Why are people from all walks of life following the fascinating story of the “Long Shot” Short Line ? It’s truly a David Vs. goliath story! The railroad industry is dominated…

The “Long Shot” short line

Why do people from all walks of life follow the East Terminal Railway? Most people wont watch a sporting event when everyone knows the outcome! Our “long Shot” is far more fun to watch! Will we make the right calls?…